Paling Fencing

At Matthews Industries we pride ourselves on quality workmanship at a fair price. We’ve been in the fencing industry for some 20 odd years, and know how to deliver quality work at the right price.

All our paling fences come with extras that you may not be aware of – as the old adage goes, “oils ain’t oils” and neither are fences. All 1.9m & 2.1m high fences have 2.7m posts which are set no less than 600mm into the ground with a wet mix consisting of half a 20kg bag of cement and soil. Because we use the longer posts we don’t have to skimp at the top of the fence or shorten the depth of the hole. These extras ensure a sturdier fence that will last many years.

When fixing rails to the posts we use 90mm framing gal. nails and at each fixing point, no less than two nails. Our plinth boards are fixed using 75mm framing gal. nails, at each point no less than three nails are used. Base palings are fixed using a 50mm gal. twisted shank nail onto all three rails, and the overlapping palings are fixed with 55mm gal. twisted shank nails, twice to each rail.

When comparing quotes there’s more to consider than just the price -if you’re after a quality job that will stand the test of time we’re the company for you!

Note: The service of paling fencing is only offered to clients that are also purchasing a picket fence, garden fence or timber gates. If you’re after a quality job that will stand the test of time, we’re the company for you!